County Resolutions

  1. 河北快3开奖结果
  2. 2019
  3. 2018
Number Title Date Adopted
河北快3开奖结果-1-1 Designating Official County Newspapers 01/02/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-1-2 Authorizing Destruction of Certain Old Records 01/02/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-1-3 Authorizing Auditor to Issue Certain Warrants 01/02/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-1-4 Adopting a Construction Evaluation Resolution 01/08/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-1-5 Adopting Documents Pertaining to Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964 01/15/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-1-6 Approving Request to Use Linn County Courthouse for Mock Trial 01/15/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-1-7 Approving Residential Parcel Split (Wolrab Pleasant View Addition) 01/15/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-1-8 Approving Appropriations Transfer 01/22/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-1-9 Authorizing Use of Former Public Health Building from January 22-26, 河北快3开奖结果 01/22/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-1-10 Setting Public Hearing for Conveyance of Vacated Right-of-Way 01/27/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-1-11 Approving Land Preservation Parcel Split (Wittenburg's First Addition) 01/29/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-1-12 Approving Request to Use Former Public Health Building from January 26 - February 9, 河北快3开奖结果 01/29/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-13 Approving Land Preservation Parcel Split (Squires Haven Addition) 02/05/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-14 Approving Residential Parcel Split (Burnside Addition) 02/05/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-15 Approving Land Preservation Parcel Split (Horak Second Addition) 02/05/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-16 Approving Residential Parcel Split (Wilson Acres Addition) 02/05/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-17 Authorizing County Engineer to Sign Bridge Replacement Contract (Central City Road) 02/05/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-18 Authorizing Conveyance of Vacated Right-of-Way 02/12/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-19 Approving Quit Claim Deed 02/12/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-20 Approving Residential Parcel Split (Kopf Addition) 02/12/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-21 Approving Residential Parcel Split (Big Creek Farms First Addition) 02/12/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-22 Approving Land Preservation Parcel Split (Biderman Acres Second Addition) 02/19/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-23 Approving Residential Parcel Split (Biderman Acres First Addition) 02/19/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-24 Establishing Surface Treatment Costs 02/19/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-25 Authorizing Agreement with City of Alburnett for Construction Code Administration 02/19/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-26 Approving the Vacation of Recorded Utility Easement 02/26/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-2-27 Accepting Bid for Concrete Overlay and Roundabout Construction  02/26/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-28 Approving Preliminary Plat (Rolling Acres Greens First Addition) 03/04/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-29 Approving Residential Parcel Split (Stallman's Third Addition) 03/04/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-30 Establishing Stop Regulations (Commune Ct and Macon Dr at Blairs Ferry Rd) 03/04/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-31 Establishing Stop Regulations (Plumberry Rd at Honey Grove Rd) 03/04/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-32 Approving FY2021 Maximum Property Tax Dollars 03/04/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-33 Approving Residential Parcel Split (Rundle First Addition) 03/11/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-34 Approving Residential Parcel Split (Buelow Addition) 03/11/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-35 Establishing Speed Limit (Shellsburg Rd and Blairs Ferry Rd) 03/11/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-36 Authorizing Road Closures for Construction 03/11/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-37 Awarding Contract for Boy Scouts Road Project to LL Pelling Co., Inc. 03/18/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-38 Requesting Approval of Linn County Farm-to-Market System Modifications 03/25/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-39 Approving Residential Parcel Split (Benish Acres First Addition) 03/25/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-40 Approving Final Plat (Jackson Acres First Addition) 03/25/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-41 Approving Residential Parcel Split (Stoner Farm First Addition) 03/25/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-42 Awarding Contract for W Mt Vernon Rd Project to LL Pelling 03/25/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-43 Adopting Linn County Compensation Board FY2021 Salary Recommendation for Elected Officials 03/25/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-3-44 Approving Fiscal Year 2021 Maximum Property Tax Dollars 03/25/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-4-45 Approving Appropriations Transfer 04/01/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-4-46 Approving Residential Parcel Split (Kristin's Addition) 04/01/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-4-47 Approving Property Use Request for Use of Linn County Vehicle 04/06/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-4-48 Approving Interfund Transfer (Rural 河北快3开奖结果 to Secondary Road) 04/08/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-4-49 Approving Interfund Transfer (General Supplemental to General Basic) 04/08/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-4-50 Approving Interfund Transfer (Conservation LOST to Debt Service) 04/08/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-4-51 Approving Interfund Transfer (General Basic to Capital Projects) 04/08/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-4-52 Approving Interfund Transfer (General Basic to Secondary Road) 04/08/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-4-53 Approving Interfund Transfer (General Basic to Debt Service) 04/08/河北快3开奖结果
河北快3开奖结果-4-54 Approving Appointment of Special Prosecutor Linn County Attorney 04/08/河北快3开奖结果